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File #: 19-00412    Version: 1 Name:
Type: Legislative Action Item Status: Passed
File created: 8/23/2019 In control: City Council
On agenda: 9/4/2019 Final action: 9/4/2019
Enactment date: Enactment #:
Sponsors: Andy Terhaar
Attachments: 1. Nomination Forms - Betty Allen, 2. Application of Interest - Betty A. Allen, 3. Nomination Form - Taran Black, 4. Application of Interest - Taran Black, 5. Resume - Taran Black, 6. Nomination Forms - Toni Teniade Broughton, 7. Application of Interest - Toni Teniade` Broughton, 8. Nomination Form - Ron Helms, 9. Application of Interest - Ron Helms, 10. Bio- Ron Helms, 11. Nomination Form - John Jerralds, 12. Application of Interest - John Jerralds, 13. Nomination Form - Alexander Kozmon, 14. Application of Interest - Alexander Kozmon, 15. Resume - Alexander Kozmon, 16. Nomination Forms - P. Jay Massey, 17. Application of Interest - P Jay Massey, 18. Resume - P Jay Massey, 19. Nomination Form - Tony R. McCray Jr., 20. Application of Interest - Tony R. McCray, Jr., 21. Nomination Form - Haley Morrissette, 22. Application of Interest - Haley Morrissette, 23. Resume - Haley Morrissette, 24. Application of Interest - Walker Wilson, 25. Nomination Forms - Walker Wilson, 26. Resume - Walker Wilson, 27. Ballot, 28. Ballots and Tally #1, 29. Ballots and Tally #2



SPONSOR:                     City Council President Andy Terhaar











That City Council appoint a resident of District 5 to fill the unexpired term of Council Member Gerald Wingate, ending November 24, 2020.




HEARING REQUIRED:    No Hearing Required      




Council Member Gerald Wingate, District 5 Representative, passed on August 13.  He was elected in 2012 and ran unopposed in 2016.  The unexpired current term ends November 24, 2020.   


City Charter


Section 4.02 City Council


(b)  Vacancies


(1)                     If a vacancy on the Council is caused by death, resignation, refusal of any Council Member to serve, removal of any Council Member, the moving of a Council Member from the district from which the Council Member is elected, or for any other reason, the vacancy shall be filled for the unexpired term of the vacated seat by a majority vote of the remaining Council Members, and such vacancies shall be filled within thirty (30) days after the vacancy occurs. The appointed Council Member shall serve the unexpired term of the previous Council Member unless the unexpired term of the previous Council Member is twenty-eight (28) months or longer. If the unexpired term is twenty-eight (28) months or longer, a person shall be elected at the next general election to fill the unexpired portion of such term.


(2)     The Council Member appointed by the Council must meet the qualifications for office as set forth in 6.03 of this Charter at the time of appointment.


Council Rules and Procedures


Section 3.02 Council Vacancies


The City Clerk shall notify members in writing of a Council vacancy and solicit nominations within 5 days after becoming aware of the vacancy. Written nominations by individual members shall be returned to the City Clerk by a date certain specified in the notice, which date shall be no less than [7] nor more than [10] days after distribution of the notice. Provided a nomination has been duly made, nominations shall then be closed. The Clerk shall distribute the names of each nominee and the member making the nomination to all members no later than four (4) days prior to the scheduled meeting. The election shall be held at the next regular or special Council meeting. If a single nomination was duly made, the vacancy may be filled by a vote of acclamation or the Council may open the floor for further nominations. If no person was duly nominated in writing, the floor shall be opened for nominations. If more than one person is nominated, voting shall be by written ballot and if one person does not receive the affirmative vote of a majority of the existing membership of Council, the person receiving the lowest number of votes shall be eliminated and balloting shall continue until the vacancy is filled.


The following District 5 residents have been nominated:


Nominee:                                          Nominated by:


Betty Allen                                          Cannada-Wynn, Moore, Myers

Taran Black                                          Moore

Toni Tenaide Broughton                     Hill, Moore, Myers

Ron Helms                                          Myers

John Jerralds                                          Myers                     

Alexander Kozmon                     Terhaar

P. Jay Massey                     Myers, Terhaar

Tony R. McCray, Jr.                     Myers

Haley Morrissette                     Myers

Walker Wilson                      Moore, Myers, Terhaar



PRIOR ACTION:                     






Budget:                     N/A


                     Actual:                                          N/A









Ericka L. Burnett, City Clerk




1)                     Nomination Forms - Betty Allen

2)                     Application of Interest - Betty Allen

3)                     Nomination Form - Taran Black

4)                     Application of Interest - Taran Black

5)                     Resume - Taran Black

6)                     Nomination Forms - Toni Teniade Broughton

7)                     Application of Interest - Toni Teniade Broughton

8)                     Nomination Form - Ron Helms

9)                     Application of Interest - Ron Helms

10)                     Bio - Ron Helms

11)                     Nomination Form - John Jerralds

12)                     Application of Interest - John Jerralds

13)                     Nomination Form - Alexander Kozmon

14)                     Application of Interest - Alexander Kozmon

15)                     Resume - Alexander Kozmon

16)                     Nomination Forms - P. Jay Massey

17)                     Application of Interest - P. Jay Massey

18)                     Resume - P. Jay Massey

19)                     Nomination Form - Tony R. McCray, Jr.

20)                     Application of Interest - Tony R. McCray, Jr.

21)                     Nomination Form - Haley Morrissette

22)                     Application of Interest - Haley Morrissette

23)                     Resume - Haley Morrissette

24)                     Nomination Forms - Walker Wilson

25)                     Application of Interest - Walker Wilson

26)                     Resume - Walker Wilson

27)                     Ballot